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What is Voluntary NFT Register of Works ~ VolReg?

Voluntary NFT Register of Works is a Polygon blockchain based NFT minting and marketplace decentralized system for help to prove the copyright of work or art, including artificial intelligence generated arts. VolReg NFT guarantees the authorship and priority of your work in just a few clicks.

VolReg NFTOther solutions
Decentralizedfolder icon
Market placefolder icon
Unlimited verifyingDepend on the solution, but mainly NO
Physical formNo physical form, decetralized storageCan be left, stolen or damage
Physical limitationUnlimited file sizeA4 limited or cetralized file storage
ClaimOnline web 3.0 solutionPhysical claim or web 2.0
PriceDepend on file size from 1,7$~17$ depend on envelope size
Which kind of works protected?

Voluntary NFT registration protects works of artistic creation, as well as documents in general. Thus, the following works are subject to copyright protection, as examples:

  • Literary works: books, ebooks, short or long texts, phrases and quotes.
  • Musical works: AI generated music, lyrics, melodies or arrangements (presented in recordings, scores, chords, tablatures, etc.).
  • Visual arts works: AI generated arts, drawings, illustrations, photographs, sculptures, paintings, prints, maps, crafts, design of any kind, etc.
  • Audiovisual works: films or videos of any length, theatrical or choreographic presentations, computer presentations, scripts, etc.
  • Technical works: architectural projects, cad, databases structures, etc.
  • Software works: source code of programs or mobile applications in any kind of programing language.
  • Nonspecific works or documents.

Upcoming features

  • Search public VolReg NFT by labels, title and description.

How to create?

The process name of creating the unique NFT certificate called "mint". During the process the system upload the file copy of the work and creating the necessary unique digital hashes and mint these data to the Polygon blockchain.

To create your first blockchain secured Voluntary NFT Registration first learn how to use metamask and blockchain technology with help of some youtube video (click here) and install it.